She was born in 1994, in a village of painters named Céret in the South of France.
She was accepted to enter the Fine Art School of Catalonia, then she pursued a design training at the Institute of Art, Design, Colors and Images in the Occitanie region. She focused her study on the alliance of design and craftsmanship.
It is during this last training that she was introduced to the experimentation of the material, more particularly the metal.
The genesis of her creations is part of an approach that combines artistic thought with artisanal gesture. She’s inspired by everything that surrounds her: the simplicity of nature, the geometric finesse and the elegance of minimalism.
Passionate about Art, she has been practicing since a very young age: painting, photography, freehand drawing, ...
A creativity that she has been able to use during her professional experiences, to complete projects in spaces design-development and products design such as : dressing room, center island, dining table and bar.
Photoshop CC, Illustrator, Hand Drawing, AutoCAD, InDesign, are all tools she masters in order to meet the needs of her customers.